It’s no secret that our 28-day Transformation Kit is a great tool for improving your healthy lifestyle. But, all of that change can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. We want you to be as successful as possible, so today we’ll be sharing some tips on how to make the Transformation Kit work for you!


With all of the meal prep tips and recipes we share, we may start to sound like a broken record. But, meal prep is CRUCIAL to success on your Kit! When you take the time to prepare meals for your week, or even just a few days, it becomes so much easier to reach for the foods that will help you feel better. 

Pick a prep day each week. Sit down and look at the previous week when you’re planning for the future.. What foods helped you feel the best? Did you feel satisfied after all of your meals? If not, ask yourself why. Then from there, organize a plan and create your shopping list. Once you have all of your ingredients, portion everything out! It doesn’t even have to be cooking something. Put a boiled egg and a string cheese stick in a baggie. That’s all meal prep has to consist of! Of course, you can always cook bigger meals, but they don’t have to be complicated or labor-intensive. Check here for some of our favorite meal prep recipes!


It can be tempting to expect ourselves to follow a new healthy lifestyle perfectly. But, it’s not realistic or healthy to expect that of yourself. Go into your 28-days with the mindset that you will do your very best, but that you won’t beat yourself up if you miss something.

A great way to practice this idea is with affirmations! Try repeating a few of the following any time you feel down or when you start your day:

  • All I can do is my best.
  • I am making important steps to improve my life.
  • Mistakes don’t equal failure.
  • All of my progress is valid and important, no matter how small it may seem.

Get into the habit of reversing negative self-talk as it’s happening. It will help you stay encouraged to stick with your new lifestyle!


When you do find yourself failing, don’t give up. Find the point you started descending, and start again from there. Or, just keep pushing past it and continuing as you would if the mistake had never been made. Discouragement often follows what we deem as failure. Maybe you didn’t lose as much weight as you wanted. Maybe your pants didn’t fit quite right. If you find yourself in this place, it’s important to learn from it. What could you have done differently? What were you able to achieve, if not your final goal? From there, evaluate the next steps. It’s always worth it to try again. A lot of people find their biggest success in their third, fourth, or even fifth attempt. Don’t let failures keep you from trying again.

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